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Gleem provide an independent residential inventory service covering Bristol and Bath.Gleem provide an independent residential inventory service covering Bristol, Bath and the South West.

We have learnt the importance of an accurate inventory and know how crucial it can be for both parties.

Our service runs early from early in the day until late in the evening, seven days a week. We use up-to-date inventory software so that you can have the completed inventory as soon as we have completed the service.

Our price includes a high quality PDF copy of the documents produced, in an intuitive and understandable structure.

Our inventory clerks are fully insured and we offer transparent, competitive rates with no hidden extra charges.

We want to make sure that we can give you the precise inventory service you need, so please call us on 0117 325 2772 to talk or to arrange a meeting at a time that is best for you.

Available 7 days a week

We work seven days a week, so you can schedule a day and time which suits you.

Accuracy and Efficiency

With simple pricing and a detailed checklist, you know exactly what we promise to provide.

Competitive Pricing

We track average prices to make sure that we remain fair with our prices. No upselling ever: what we quote is what you pay.



Property Inventory
Studio £45
1 bed £50
2 bed £65
3 bed £70
4 bed £85
5 bed £95
6+ bed £POA


Property Inventory
Studio £55
1 bed £60
2 bed £75
3 bed £85
4 bed £95
5 bed £110
6+ bed £POA

*All prices are exclusive of VAT. All documents are supplied as a PDF copy via email.

Excess travel will incur an additional charge.


Do you need a different type of property inventory?

Different Inventory

Inventory Compilation

Gleem will compile an accurate and detailed schedule of condition report itemising and describing, in detail, the entire contents, fixtures, fittings and decorative order of your property.

The inventory will also itemise any dilapidation or damages and in certain cases identify the working order of items. A list of the user manuals made available to the tenant will be added.  The inventory schedule of condition report includes utility meter readings taken on the day of the inventory report.

The accuracy of the inventory can be signed and agreed onsite by all parties, on request, creating a binding document.

High resolution digital photographs will be integrated into the inventory document to provide a visual record of the property’s condition. The inventory report will be produced and sent within 24 hours of Gleem attending the property.


At Check-In, an accredited Gleem inventory inspector will attend and check the property with all stakeholders who wish to be present. The check in is conducted prior to the commencement of a tenancy. The aim and purpose of the inspection is to ensure that the inventory accurately reflects the condition of all contents, fixtures, fittings and furnishings and that the parties to the agreement are happy with the report findings and have an opportunity to ask any questions that they may have.

Where possible, items will be tested for power and integrity, utility meter readings will be verified and signed for and keys assigned to tenants.

All parties present will be able to make amendments to the inventory before a table detailing the overall schedule and condition of the property is produced and the declaration signed.

Check Out

At a Check-Out inspection an accredited Gleem inventory inspector will attend and inspect the property with all stakeholders who wish to bepresent. It is conducted after the tenancy expires to ensure that anaccurate comparison of the property can be made using the originalinventory that was compiled.

All items listed are checked and digitally re-photographed and any damaged, dilapidated or missing items are documented. Items are alsotested for power, appliance manuals are checked off as present, theutility meter readings taken, details are taken of the keys handed backand a forwarding address for the outgoing tenant obtained.

The cleanliness of the property is often cited as a major area of dispute. Landlords and tenants are advised to retain all receipts relating tocleaning and repairs carried out before or during a tenancy.

It should be noted that a Gleem inspector cannot comment usefully on any alterations or additions made after the Check-In unless we wereinstructed to revisit the property in order to examine these changes atthe time they were made.

The Check-Out report is the basis for most claims made by landlords. It is a widely agreed that a claim is often viewed favourably when compiledby an independent and unbiased third party, such as a Gleem inspector,particularly in a Court of Law.

Interim Inspection

A Gleem accredited inventories inspector can attend and conduct aproperty inspection during the tenancy term and compile a detailed report noting any areas which require attention, like cleaning or maintenance.

The property will be digitally photographed to compile a basic visual record and this will be attached to the report.  This report will indicate how well the property is being looked after by the tenants and to refer any issues to the landlord that may require attention.

Gleem believes that interim inspections are an essential part of any successful tenancy and potential re-let as it ensures that a tenant is properly maintaining the property throughout the tenancy term.

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